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Conveyor Belt width Calculation formula

Conveyor belt width calculation formula | Conveyor design part-1

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From this article we will learn how to calculate belt width and what are the standard belt width is in millimetres. The Conveyor belt width calculation formula is taken from the PSG design data book (page no 9.18).

Conveyor Belt width Calculation
Conveyor Belt width Calculation

Design a flat conveyor belt for an application as shown in fig.1, having conveyor capacity of 30 tonnes per hour. The maximum weight to be carried per meter is up to 4 kg. The centre distance between the two pulleys is 2000 mm and the height of the conveyor is 700 mm. The angle of inclination with horizontal is 0 degrees.

So, we have to design for

  1. Conveyor working capacity – 30 TPH
  2. Angle of Inclination from horizontal – 0 Degree
  3. Centre distance – 2000 mm
  4. Mass of material per unit length – 4 kg/meter

General assumptions:

  1. Drive and driven pulleys are the same.
  2. Single pulley driven system.
  3. The angle of wrap is approx. 180 degrees.
Conveyor Belt width Calculation formula:

$$B_{min}=1.11\lbrack{\{\frac Q{c\times v}\}}^\frac12+0.05\rbrack$$


Q = Conveyor working capacity, tonnes/hr

V = Belt speed, meter per second (m/s)

C = Factor for type of idlers (PSG Data book page no :9.18)

  • 240, for flat belt
  • 460, for through angle of 20 degrees
  • 510 for through angle of 25 degrees
  • 545 for through angle of 30 degrees

Standard conveyor belt widths in millimetres as specified in IS 1891 (Part 1) are as follows:

300, 400, 500, 600, 650, 800, 1000, 1200, 1400, 1600, 1800 and 2000.

As per application requirement, we will consider belt width as 400 mm (box size is 325 mm x 300mm x 200mm). According to PSG Design data book page no 9.20 for a 400 mm width belt and dry and light materials, the allowable belt conveyor speed is 2 meters per second .


But, As per standard conveyor belt widths we have to select 400 mm.Now by reverse calculations for belt speed with 0.4 meter belt width.

$$0.4\;=1.11\;\left\{\left(\frac{30}{240\times v}\right)^\frac12+0.05\right\}\;in\;m\\=\;1.3\;m/s\\$$

Design speed (2 m/s) is greater than actual working speed (1.3 m/s) with 400 mm belt width (refer PSG design data page no:9.20)

So selection of 400 mm belt width with 2 meter per second speed is safe.

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