June 24, 2024
degree minute second to degree decimals

How to convert Degree Minute Second to Degree Decimal

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If you are preparing for any competitive examinations like staff selection commission, army, navy, police , railway recruitment or banking. At least one question is asked on the unit conversion. Not only in competitive exams but it is asked in engineering aptitude exams. You can convert degree minute second to degree decimal manually or in conversion calculator.

How to convert Degree minute seconds to degree latitude or longitude.

Degree (°)




  1. one minute is equals to 60 seconds.
  2. one degree is equal to one hour or 3600 seconds.
  3. one minute is equal to (1/60 )°  = 0.01666667°
  4. one second is equal to (1/3600)° = 0.000277778°

Formula :

Degree decimal = deg + (min(′)/60 )° + (Sec (″)/3600)°

Example: 105° 20′ 32″

Ans: 105° + (20÷60)° + (32/3600)°



Click on below link to convert into excel sheet.

how to convert degree minute second to degree decimals in excel sheet.

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