March 4, 2024
solid edge tutorial and solid edge free training

Solid edge tutorial and solid edge free training for beginners

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Solid edge is basically 3d modelling software which is developed by siemens. In this post we have solid edge tutorial and solid edge free training for students as well as for beginners. From this solid edge free training we will learn solid edge sketching. Solid edge all basics commands, solid edge assembly tutorial, solid edge drafting tutorial and solid edge surfacing tutorial. All the tutorials are from basics to advance. After completing these solid edge free training anyone can pass their cad test at the time of interview.

Playlists to learn solid edge

1.Solid edge sketching for beginners–GYBz5i-saQSMhYr6Nd66tap

2.Solid edge basic commands–GZkfM-UGn27jzPsXPfkABFM

3.Solid edge parts modeling Tutorials–GYcx4-SeDVh8bQevlWJeAFy

4.Solid edge sheet metal tutorials–GY06edR96LprjRM3OgOLE57

5.Solid edge assembly tutorials–GaPDcYzdws7rfk-WBo9IFV6

6.Solid edge drafting tutorials–GYANu-QR1Bvy9zJ_ldONlX6

7.Solid edge tutorials in Marathi–GampOF07NZofQsqzlXnHKsG

a) Solid edge introduction and basics settings

1.#solidedge tutorial | introduction part 1 | Marathi | Solid edge basics for beginners

2.#solidedge tutorial | Introduction part 2 | Marathi | Solid edge tutorials for beginners


b) Solid edge sketching tutorial

3. #solidedge tutorial sketch | sketch line, point and free sketch | Marathi

4. #solidedge tutorial | sketching circle,ellipse,rectangle ,polygon |marathi

5. #solidedge tutorial | sketching fillet,chamfer,arc and curve | marathi

6. #solidedge tutorial | sketching trim offset extend to next | Marathi

7. #solidedge tutorial | sketching move, mirror,scale, stretch | marathi

8. #solidedge tutorial | circular pattern sketch and rectangular pattern sketch | Marathi

9. #solidedge tutorial | sketch all relate tools | Marathi

10. #solidedge tutorial | solidedge dimensioning all commands | Marathi


c) Solid edge all basic commands

11. #solidedge tutorial | solid edge extrude for beginners | Marathi

12. #solidedge tutorials | solid edge extrude cut for beginners | Marathi

13. #solidedge tutorial | solid edge revolve | solid edge tutorials in marathi

14. #solidedge tutorials | solid edge revolve cut | solid edge tutorials for beginners in marathi

15.#solidedge tutorial | solid edge hole tutorial| Marathi

16. #solidedge tutorials | solid edge thread tutorial | marathi

17. #solidedge tutorial | solid edge slot command | marathi

18. #solidedge tutorials | solid edge fillet and solid edge chamfer | marathi

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